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We are transparent in our pricing plans. Treatment charges are displayed at clinic reception and in website.

The displayed charges are the Minimum Treatment Charges.


Based on the Size of defect , Difficulty of procedure and Expertise used, charges may vary, and it will be informed prior to the procedure, after doing an initial consultation and evaluation.

Treatment NameAmount
Registration 50 INR
Consultation 150 INR
IOPA Xray 300 INR
Extraction Pedo 250 INR
Extraction Adult (Normal) 400 INR
Extraction (Difficult) 500 INR onwards
Extraction (Surgical) 1200 INR onwards
Impaction 3500 INR onwards
Apicoectomy 3000 INR onwards
Frenectomy 2500 INR onwards
Flap Surgery/Quadrant 6000 INR onwards
Ortho Fixed(Braces) 16000 INR onwards
OrthoRemovable 4000 INR onwards
Ortho Retainer 2800 INR onwards
Complete Denture 16000 INR onwards
Partial Denture 1750 INR onwards
Flexible Denture 5500 onwards
Treatment NameAmount
Temporary Restoration ZOE 300 INR
Glass Ionomer Restoration 600 INR onwards
Composite Restoration 900 INR onwards
Silver Amalgam 800 INR onwards
Post And Core 3000 INR
Root Canal Treatment 3200 INR
Pedo Restoration 400 INR
Pulpectomy (Pedo RCT) 1500 INR
Oral Prophylaxis (Cleaning) 800 INR onwards
Polishing 200 INR
Bleaching / Arch 5000 INR onwards
Crown Removal 1000 INR onwards
Crown Full Metal 2500 INR onwards
Crown Facing ceramic 3500 INR onwards
Crown Full Ceramic 4500 INR onwards
Crown Metal FreeCeramic 8000 INR onwards

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