Scaling and Flap Surgery

Scaling (Non surgical)

Even when we brush/ floss regularly, plaque buildup occurs in a few nooks and corners that are not reachable to the cleaning aids. This plaque collection hoards bacteria that is the very cause of decay and gum disease. Studies show that this bacteria also spreads to the heart, reproductive organs etc. In diabetics, it may even cause tooth loss. It is advisable to go for an ultrasonic tooth-cleaning once in six months

Flap Surgery

Reaching within the gums to remove the disease-causing germs and infection.Gum infection almost always progresses to the bones, which being delicate, almost always dissolves resulting in a loss of tooth support – this is the reason for shaky tooth and migration of the teeth causing spaces in between the teeth. When the gum disease has progressed to this level, it may also have pus build up in the gums and pockets causing bad breath.When the bone around the tooth is lost, the gum sags and gradually recedes exposing the roots of the teeth. This causes sensitivity. This cannot be cured by desensitizing toothpaste, In such a situation, it may be necessary to augment the bone support that is lost by adding calcium particles to the tooth surroundings. This will strengthen the tooth further. and prolong the life of the natural tooth.

Periodontal flap surgery is designed to restore form and function of the gum tissue, periodontal ligament, and the bone that supports your teeth or an individual tooth. The real long-term goal of any flap surgery is to increase the life expectancy of the teeth and their usefulness. Basically, flap surgery removes UNHEALTHY tissue that has been transformed by the disease and then reconstructs the gums and surrounding tissues to better support the teeth and to recreate a normal appearance.

If you have missing teeth, a bridge prevents the remaining natural teeth from shifting, so that dental arch integrity and esthetics are not compromised.

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