Wisdom Teeth Removal and Minor Surgeries

In the majority of cases, there will not be enough room in the jaw for a wisdom tooth  to fully emerge. This can lead to several complications. If the exit of the wisdom teeth is stalled at the halfway point (soft impaction), this can make brushing and flossing the wisdom teeth extremely difficult. Food and bacteria builds up between the wisdom teeth and its neighboring molars, and decay and gum infection are very likely to occur. Crowded wisdom teeth in the upper jaw have a tendency to lean sideways and cause cheek bites and ulcers. These wisdom teeth usually cause chewing problems. A further problem is wisdom teeth crowding- the pressure from wisdom teeth may also force the other teeth closer together, and interfere with the bite. Gum disease and cyst formations are also complications of impacted wisdom teeth. Very rarely, tumours may also form from the wisdom teeth. Pressure from the wisdom teeth can also cause toothache on the tooth next to it.

Wisdom teeth removal surgery is not something people look forward to, but modern surgical and anesthetic techniques  have now combined to make wisdom teeth removal surgery a much more acceptable procedure than in the past. We at Cherians Dental Clinic have Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon to perform this surgery.

The wisdom teeth removal commonly involves an incision to open the gum, and sometimes a small portion of the bone may need to be removed to provide access for the wisdom teeth removal. The wisdom teeth may also need to be divided into segments so it can be removed safely and easily. Perfect wisdom teeth technique and a lot of experience is a must for these surgical procedures. The incision in the gum may then need to be closed with stitches.

We also provide minor surgical procedures like Frenectomy, Apicoectomy, cyst enucleation, impactions of teeth etc.

At Cherians Dental Clinic, we run the practice at a measured pace to provide uncompromised personal attention. 

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