A 22 year young lady came to our clinic to solve her spacing between her teeth. She wanted a solution before her marriage a couple of days ahead.  We examined her and gave her  different treatment options. 


Patient came to us to correct her spacing .

we gave her the following options


  1. Alignment of the teeth with the help of braces.

                Since the patient wanted correction within days this option was ruled out.

  1. Space closure with the help of composite restorations.

                The patient opted for this option since it was economic and within her budget and moreover the treatment will be over in a single sitting. 

  3. Ceramic Laminates for space closure.

                Her budget and her conservative approach towards the teeth  made this option unviable.

Finally she opted space closure with composite

Finally the appointment was given for tooth colored restoration.

In a single sitting, the procedure was done .

The before and after photos will help you to evaluate the outcome. The patient was happy .



COMPOSITE  RESTORATION  for space closure is an economic and viable option based on occlusion of ones teeth and how careful the oral hygiene and eating habits are  maintained as per the dentist’s  instruction.

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